Texas Conveyance is proudly headquartered in Seminole, Texas – the county seat of Gaines County. In fact, we’re right in the heart of Texas oil and gas country so we’re the obvious choice for anyone looking for impeccable long-haul trucking services at competitive rates.

As a long-haul trucking company, Texas Conveyance travels wherever you need us to go to deliver your freight safely and securely. While that may sound vague, it’s the best answer we can give as we don’t have a preset boundary. Your best option is to call.

We offer two equally attractive options for you to make the connection. First, you submit a quote form through this site and we’ll contact you with a quote. Second, you can call us directly and we’ll give you a quote over the phone. It’s that easy with Texas Conveyance.

Yes, they expire after 24 hours. While we would love to provide quotes that were evergreen and valid forever, shipping costs are intimately tied to fuel costs and market swings that we have no control over and change quickly. You can always get a second quote when needed.

At Texas Conveyance, we use multiple factors to arrive at your final freight shipping quote. These factors include where we pick up the load, where its final destination is, its overall weight and dimensions and safety protocols that must be in place to carry it.

Yes, it certainly is. When we provide a quote for freight shipping we’re doing so based on the weight you provide. If there is a discrepancy at pick up a billing adjustment will have to be issued and accepted prior to delivery. Please take the time to get weights right.

This all depends on multiple factors that will be worked out with you during the initial quote and will include pickup location, delivery destination, specific service options included in contract and weather in the area during delivery. A lot goes into long-haul trucking.

Texas Conveyance is an Owner/Operator business so you’ll always be working directly with the truck’s owner. Our founder, Rudy Unger, takes great pride in his truck and the equipment used to haul loads for customers – including the finest Roll Tite trailers.

Texas Conveyance uses Roll Tite trailers – sometimes known as Conestoga trailers. These trailers have a rolling tarp system that covers the loads during transit so you get greater protection from the road and the elements while your load’s in motion.

Yes, Texas Conveyance is fully licensed to haul freight in the Lone Star State and we carry all the necessary insurance policies to protect ourselves and our customers while we’re hauling their loads from Point A to Point B. You can trust Texas Conveyance. US DOT: 3780300 | MC: 1352986

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